Expert Lawn Care Service in Trumbull County, OH

Trust A & L Lawn Care for expert lawn care services in Trumbull County, OH, where lush, healthy lawns are our specialty.

Revitalize Your Lawn with Expert Lawn Treatment in Trumbull County, OH

Transform your lawn with top-notch treatment services from A & L Lawn Care in Trumbull County, OH, for lush, healthy grass all year.


Maintain a lush and healthy yard with our comprehensive residential lawn care services, tailored to keep your lawn vibrant and thriving.


Enhance your business's curb appeal with our reliable commercial lawn care services, designed for a professional and welcoming appearance.

Expert Care For Your Lawn

lawn care service
lawn care service
lawn care service

Trying to Find “Lawn Care Near Me”in Trumbull County, OH? Check Out A & L Lawn Care!

Looking for “Lawn Care Near Me” in Trumbull County, OH? A & L Lawn Care is your answer! We specialize in grass cutting service, offering precision and reliability to keep your lawn looking pristine. Our lawn maintenance programs ensure your yard stays healthy throughout the year, with scheduled mowing, fertilizing, and weed control. Need extra care? We provide lawn treatment services to address specific issues like pest infestations and patchy grass. With A & L Lawn Care, you can count on expert services to keep your lawn vibrant and green. Contact us today to schedule your next lawn care appointment!

Precision Grass Cutting Service

Get your lawn expertly trimmed and looking immaculate with A & L Lawn Care.

Effective Lawn Treatment

Combat pests and patchy areas with our specialized lawn treatments for a lush, healthy yard.

Struggling with Patchy Grass? Try These Lawn Treatment Solutions

If you’re struggling with patchy grass, A & L Lawn Care has the perfect solutions. We offer lawn services in Trumbull County, OH, that can transform your patchy yard into a lush green lawn. Here’s how:

  • Soil Testing
    Identify nutrient deficiencies and correct pH levels for optimal grass growth.

  • Fertilization
    Provide essential nutrients to encourage healthy, uniform growth.

  • Reseeding
    Fill in patchy areas with high-quality grass seed for a consistent look.

  • Aeration
    Improve soil structure and promote better root development.

  • Watering Strategies
    Learn the best practices for watering to avoid over- or under-watering.

Contact A & L Lawn Care today to schedule your lawn treatment and enjoy a green, healthy yard!

Offering The Best Lawn Care Services

Elevate your outdoors with our premier lawn care services. We specialize in delivering the best, ensuring green perfection every time.


Transforming spaces into picturesque havens. A&L Landscaping crafts outdoor beauty with expertise, creativity, and a passion for perfection.


Ensure your home's well-being with A&L Gutter Cleaning. Our thorough services safeguard against debris, protecting your property and peace of mind.


Reliable and prompt snow removal by A&L. Keep your pathways clear and safe with our dedicated team's efficient services.


Revitalize your surfaces with A&L Pressure Washing. Our skilled team restores and enhances exteriors, leaving a lasting impression of cleanliness.

Why Choose Us


We use top-grade materials and equipment for reliable and lasting results.


We offer high-quality services at affordable rates, ensuring value for your investment.


We stick to our schedules and complete projects efficiently, respecting your time.


We stand behind our work, ensuring you're completely satisfied with the results.

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Can’t say enough great things about Lester and his crew. Definitely will be using them again. Our yard looks awesome!! Thank you

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Great people great work will use them again

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Very friendly. Very reasonable. Very reliable. Couldn't really be much better

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