Skilled Landscaping Services in Trumbull County, OH

Transform your outdoor space with our skilled landscaping services in Trumbull County, OH—expert design, meticulous care, stunning results!

Find Your Ideal Landscaper in Trumbull County, OH

Discover the perfect landscaper in Trumbull County, OH, for beautiful, customized outdoor spaces that fit your style.


Elevate your home's curb appeal with our residential landscaping services, designed to create a beautiful and inviting outdoor space.


Enhance your business's professional image with our commercial landscaping services, tailored to create a clean, attractive, and welcoming environment.

Expert Care For Your Lawn

landscaping Service
landscaping Service
landscaping Service

Are You Searching for  “Landscaping Near Me”? in Trumbull County, OH? A & L Lawn Care Is the Answer!

If you’re searching for “Landscaping Near Me” in Trumbull County, OH, look no further—A & L Lawn Care has you covered. We specialize in landscape design and can help you create the ideal outdoor environment. Whether you need a landscape architect for a complete redesign or just want to tidy up with precise landscape edging, we can make it happen. With a focus on quality and attention to detail, A & L Lawn Care will transform your yard into a stunning outdoor space. Get in touch today to see how we can bring your landscaping dreams to life!

Creative Landscape Design

Transform your yard with innovative landscape design that suits your style.

Precise Landscape Edging

Enjoy clean and defined borders with our meticulous landscape edging services.

Are Your Plants Dying? A & L Lawn Care's Guide to Reviving Your Landscape

If your plants are dying, A & L Lawn Care in Trumbull County, OH, is here to help you revive your landscape. We specialize in lawn maintenance and landscape design, providing expert guidance to bring your garden back to life. The key to success is understanding what your plants need. Start by checking soil pH and nutrient levels, then ensure you’re watering adequately without overdoing it. Using mulch can also help retain moisture. Need assistance? A & L Lawn Care can assess your lawn’s health and recommend changes for optimal growth. With the right care, your landscape will flourish again.

landscaping Service

Offering The Best Landscaping Services

Elevate your outdoors with our premier landscaping services. We specialize in delivering the best, ensuring green perfection every time.


Nurture your lawn to lush perfection with A&L Lawn Care. Our expert services ensure vibrant, healthy landscapes year-round.


Ensure your home's well-being with A&L Gutter Cleaning. Our thorough services safeguard against debris, protecting your property and peace of mind.


Reliable and prompt snow removal by A&L. Keep your pathways clear and safe with our dedicated team's efficient services.


Revitalize your surfaces with A&L Pressure Washing. Our skilled team restores and enhances exteriors, leaving a lasting impression of cleanliness.

Why Choose Us


We respect your time and complete projects promptly.


From lawn maintenance to landscape design, we provide a full range of services to meet your needs.


We work with you to find convenient times for landscaping services.


We use state-of-the-art tools and equipment to deliver outstanding results.

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Can’t say enough great things about Lester and his crew. Definitely will be using them again. Our yard looks awesome!! Thank you

K. Rich

Great people great work will use them again

A. Holmes

Very friendly. Very reasonable. Very reliable. Couldn't really be much better

P. Mokros
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